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Help allows you to manifest (protest) virtually with other people on a shared map.

• Move the map (drag, zoom in, zoom out) to the place where you want to manifest
• To zoom : on mobile phone, pinch or spread two fingers. On computer, slide two fingers on the trackpad up or down, or use the mouse wheel.
• Click on the “Manifest !” to place your avatar at the center of the map (in red)
• Move your avatar at will
• Fill up the ‘slogan’ field and hit Return or Enter to change your slogan.
• Move the mouse or touch other avatars to see the slogans of the other persons present
• Click on ‘Stop’ to stop manifesting
• Click on ‘Refresh’ to see the persons currently present (the map does not refresh automatically)
. Click on “About” to get information about

Lifetime of avatar

Your avatar will stay on the shared map for 24 hours after its last modification (displacement, change of slogan), or until you remove it (‘Stop’). If you want your avatar to remain on the map for longer, like in an occupation-type manifestation, modify its location or slogan at least each 24h.


The slogan can have a maximum of 140 characters.

Confidentiality is extremely concerned about your privacy. It is developed following a Privacy by Design approach. NO personal information (phone number, IMEI number, geolocalization, name, or any other) is sent over the network. The communication with the server is encrypted (https) both ways, so no one can know that you are manifesting, where you are manifesting or the content of your slogans. uses a randomly computed identifier associated with your avatar. Only this random identifier is stored in a cookie, so that you can leave the page and come back and find it again. This cookie ID does NOT allow anybody to identify you. In fact, this cookie is the reason why you cannot be identified when you are using, since no other data is transmitted on internet. This random identifier is changed after 24 hours of inactivity.

You are anonymous. But you are there for sure.

Fast access

Contrarily to what the name would suggest, is not an app. It is a web site. To be able to come back to it rapidly in one click on mobile phone, save the address of the page of the map on your startup screen. On computer, save the address of the website in your favorites.

Initiate a manifestation

If you initiate a manifestation, or if you want to point somebody to a precise manifestation location, just move the map to the target location and copy and send them the full URL of the page (from the address field of the browser), it contains the latitude, longitude and zoom of the current location of the map. This way people can just click on the link and be at the right place. For example, to get directly to the Palais de l’Elysée in Paris :

If you want to organize a long term manifestation like an occupation, advise your participants to modify their avatar at least once every 24h (change the location or the slogan). This way, their avatar will stay on the map 24 hours longer. This ensures that behind every avatar, there is an active human person.


• alt-click on the map places your avatar at the clicked location
• shift-click-drag on the map : zooms in on the defined zone
• click on a group of avatars : zooms in on the group